Role of Nurses as Implementers, Educators, Managers and Researchers

The role of the nurse is a way to express the activities of nurses in practice, which has completed a formal education that is recognized and authorized by the government to carry out the task.

While the role of nurses include: providers of nursing care, nursing practice or practitioner, client education, management and research activities in the field of nursing.

1. Role of Nurses as Implementers

Nurses as Implementers

This role is known by the Care Giver, the role of nurses in providing nursing care, directly or indirectly, to the client as an individual, family and community, with a problem-solving approach called the nursing process. In performing this role the nurse acts as a comforter, protector, advocate, communicator and rehabilitator.

2. Role of Nurses as Educators

Nurses as Educators

As educators, nurses play a role in educating individuals, families, groups and communities and health workers who are under their responsibility. This role is in the form of counseling to clients, as well as the form of dissimilation knowledge to nursing students.

3. Role of Nurses as Managers

Nurses as Managers

In this case the nurse has a role and responsibility in managing the nursing care and education in accordance with the nursing management, within the framework of the nursing paradigm. As a nurse manager in monitoring and ensuring the quality of care or nursing services as well as organizing and controlling system of nursing care, as knowledge / understanding nurses less, so the nurse executive manager is not maximized, the majority position, scope of authority and responsibilities of nurses has almost no effect in the planning and decision-making.

4. Role of Nurses as Researchers

Nurses as Researchers

As a researcher in the field of Nursing, Nurse is expected to identify a research problem, apply the principles and methods of research and make use of research to improve the quality of care or service and nursing education. Research in the field of Nursing role in reducing inequalities in health technology mastery, as the findings of the study further enable the transformation of science and Technology, but it is important to strengthen efforts to establish and advance the profession of nursing. (Asdi, 2008)

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