Causes and How to Prevent LBP (Low Back Pain)

Causes and How to Prevent LBP Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain (LBP) is pain that occurs in the lower back and can spread to the foot, especially the rear and outer side. These complaints can be so severe that patients have difficulty in every movement and the patient should rest and hospitalized.

LBP complaint turned out ranks the second most common after headache. From the data on patients who went to the clinic of Neurology shows that the number of patients over the age of 40 years who present with low back pain turned out to be quite a lot.

Given that low back pain is actually just a symptom, then the most important thing is to find the causes, so that appropriate treatment can be given.

Causes of LBP

Basically the onset of pain is due to pressure on the nervous edge of the lumbar region (pinched nerve). Pinching the nerves can occur due to disturbances in muscle and surrounding tissue, nerve disorders in themselves, spinal abnormalities and abnormalities in other places, such as an infection or kidney stones and others.

Muscle spasms (muscle tension) is the most common cause of LBP. This spasm can occur due to movement of the waist is too sudden or excessive beyond the power of the muscle. For example during exercise with no we realize we move too sudden, and excessive time chasing or hitting the ball (badminton, tennis, golf, etc.). Likewise, when we lift things a bit heavy with the wrong position, such as moving a table, a chair, lifting luggage, pushing the car, even when we are very excited lift our children or grandchildren will be able to happen LBP. Calcification of the spine around the waist that can result in pinching of the nerves that lead to severe back pain.

HNP (spinal disc herniation). This happens because the involuntary (trauma / accident) and the pain may spread to either the right or left foot (ischialgia). The other reason we need to consider are: tumors, infections, kidney stones, and others. All of which can lead to pressure on the nerve fibers.

Should not be forgotten for mental stress, namely: a mental state that causes the patient to feel very depressed. The clinical symptoms of psychological stress transferred into LBP, although previously had no vulnerability factors of the composition of the organs in the back.

How To Prevent LBP

Here's how to prevent LBP:

1. Regular exercise where the frequency / number and intensity should be enough, do not overdo it. For those who usually LBP, recommended for swimming, and should not be jumping up and down.

2. Set the food by avoiding foods that contain a lot of fat, uric acid, etc., in order to slow down the calcification of the spine. Besides, try not to happen overweight.

3. Living in a healthy environment with clean air and avoid excessive pollution.

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