Risk for Infection - NCP Anemia

Nursing Diagnosis for Anemia

Risk for infection related to secondary immune inadequate (eg, hemoglobin decreased, suppression / decrease the inflammatory response).


Identify the behavior to prevent / reduce the risk of infection.

1. Do a good hand washing by caregivers and patients.
2. Maintain strict aseptic technique on the procedure / treatment of wounds.
3. Increase your fluid intake is adequate.
4. Monitor temperature, note the presence of chills and tachycardia with or without fever.
5. Collaboration: give antiseptic topical, systemic antibiotics.

1. Prevent cross-contamination.
2. Reduce the risk of bacterial infection.
3. Assist in breathing secret dilution to facilitate spending and prevent static body fluids.
4. The process of inflammation / infection require evaluation / treatment.
5. Perhaps the prophylactic use to reduce colonization or for the treatment of local infections.