Colds and How to Overcome

Colds flu virus can be said not too dangerous, but it can lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to a more dangerous virus. Despite issuing snot, it seems the best way to get rid of nasty germs, but it turned out to be the body's ability to fight germs.

Unfortunately, issued snot, leading to sinus blockage by mucus full of germs. Research shows that when a person is issued a snot, it can reverse the flow of mucus into the sinuses.

People who issued Snot, can increase pressure in the nasal cavity and push mucus back into the sinuses. The authors state that, way back in the sinus mucus can lead to the development of infection.

Better wipe the snot flow out of the nose. Wiping the slime does not cause mucus back into the sinuses and allow germs out of the nasal cavity naturally, so you can quickly recover from the flu.

Natural way to remove Snot from the sinus is to rinse the nasal cavity with salt water using basin. Add half a teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of warm water, or add antiseptic if the flu is accompanied by a sore throat.

In order to clean the nasal cavity, you can also use a nasal spray containing hydrogen peroxide (certainly should not be many) after gargling with salt. Next, spray into both nostrils, pinch the nose with a finger and tilt the head forward so that the drug reaches the upper sinus cavity. When the fluid flows out of the nose, do not blow, but wiping.

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